Whistleblowing channel

The Whistleblowing Channel is a means of communication of the CaixaBank Group to facilitate the confidential and agile communication of actions or behaviours that have no place in the organization. Communications may be submitted anonymously.

Whistleblowing channel

When to use the Whistleblowing channel

CaixaBank takes all communications raised seriously and you are encouraged to raise any concern you have through usual channels.

If you are a customer or client and have a question or complaint regarding our products or services, please submit it through [email protected] or by contacting your existing relationship team.

Concerns about breaches of our policies and procedures and breaches of laws and regulation may be communicated through the whistleblowing channel.

Who can communicate a concern through the Whistleblowing channel?

The Channel is available to directors, employees, interns, temporary staff, agents, brokers, collaborators, prescribers, suppliers and people working under their supervision and direction, shareholders, former employees, job candidates.

Action principles and main guarantees

The action principles and main guarantees offered by the Whistleblower Channel include the following:

  • Authority and Independence
  • Partial outsourcing of the complaint handling process
  • Confidentiality
  • Anonymity and no traceability
  • Protection of the whistleblower identity
  • Prohibition of retaliation and whistleblower’s protection
  • Rights of person reported and another person impacted