Discretionary portfolio management is a personalised method of managing diversified investment portfolios. CaixaBank Wealth Management Luxembourg delegates its management activities to CaixaBank Asset Management, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Luxembourg Investment Committee.

Key benefits

  • Experienced professionals manage your investments.
  • Optimal use of investment opportunities with efficient and timely execution.
  • Access our latest investment ideas.
  • Efficient implementation of investment decisions through state-of-the-art financial instruments.
  • Benefit from a simple and transparent cost structure with clear alignment of interests.
  • You do not have to constantly follow the markets to keep track of your financial position as you receive regular alerts and performance reports.

Discretionary portfolio managements solutions

DPM Global Managers

We invest exclusively in Mutual Funds.

DPM Global Assets

We invest in the full range of selected assets according to our company’s home view.

DPM Global Tailored

Our team is dedicated to providing customised solutions and asset allocation strategies for high net worth individuals.